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Intimate relationships can often be very difficult to maintain. In our culture we live at great speed and can find ourselves neglecting our couple relationship while we continue to manage all the other demands on our time and attention.

We tend not to be taught how to be in a relationship, although we get sent on courses to learn about, for example nursing or computers, it is assumed we know how to stay happily in the complex web of emotions that is an intimate relationship.

Counselling offers an opportunity to explore difficulties and confusions
with someone external to the relationship who does not have an emotional axe to grind and who is able to look at the situation from different angles. The aim is to help you to understand, resolve or come to terms with, your feelings about past and/or present events.

Two chairsFor those who wish to go on together, we can try to work out practical ways to make a difference, to improve communication and it can be an opportunity to look at options for the future and to find your way to go forward more confidently as a couple.

For some it may be that a decision to separate is made and we can try to work out ways to do this as amicably as possible, and if there are children involved, how to continue cooperatively as parents.

Couple counselling can be for both heterosexual and same sex couples.

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