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How it works

I undertake Face to Face Counselling in a hired room in Newport, Shropshire. Sessions usually last for one hour. At the first session we can discuss what concerns you now. If we decide it could be useful we can arrange a few more weekly sessions and review progress at the end of them, continuing if appropriate.

Online Counselling - If you are too far distant, are unable to attend appointments at all or only sometimes, or if you find it easier to discuss difficult areas online, email counselling may be an option that can help you. I offer the use of Safe-mail with emails to make the exchanges secure.

This can be as a fill in for face to face sessions when you can't attend as often as you would wish or email only. This means that you write an email to me within an agreed period of time and length, I reply in a similar way.

Two chairsOr we can talk online through Skype ( either with or without a camera.

We can book an initial number of sessions, review progress at the end of these then book more if we both feel this is appropriate.


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