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Important information

Two chairsOnline counselling is not suitable for everyone. In order to help me to help you, please inform me if you are currently undergoing any psychological therapy.

If you are feeling suicidal and in an immediate crisis situation go to Samaritans or Befrienders or contact your GP.

Face to face or online counselling may be of benefit for you once your present situation has stabilised.

For all the counselling I undertake not to divulge any information you may give me to anyone else and make sure I keep any notes I may make in a secure place. The exception to this could be if it became apparent that there was a danger to yourself or others, especially a child. If I thought it was necessary to disclose information however, I would make every attempt to discuss this with you beforehand.

Like any professional counsellor, I have regular Supervision and I may discuss aspects of our sessions with my supervisor but I would make every effort to avoid disclosing information that would identify you.

If we are working online with emails, if I make copies of our conversations I will keep them in a secure place. I am registered with the Data Protection Agency and am bound by their code of practice. No personal details held on computer will be passed on to a third party without your explicit consent.

Internet e-mail is not completely secure, a determined hacker could find his/her way into this system, although this is very unlikely. The reality is that email is still a lot more secure than the telephone or the postal system. I offer the use of Safe-mail with emails to make the exchanges secure.

It could be possible for others to find information on your counselling if you:· let others have access to your computer and emails

  • print out emails and don't keep them secure
  • misread my email address or sent one meant for me to someone else by mistake
  • if you use a computer at work, someone else may get access. Also your employer has a legal right to view e-mail on their computers.

I have a computer firewall and a regularly updated anti-virus programme installed and I take all reasonable measures to avoid disclosure of information or accidental virus infection of your computer but cannot further guarantee this.

I endeavour to treat all my clients with equal respect regardless of their sex, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. I would not attempt to contact clients other than for counselling purposes or attempt to engage them in anything than a professional counselling relationship. I abide by the BACP Code of Ethics and Practice and am subject to its Complaints Procedure.

If I see you face to face or speak with you by telephone, I will let you have a copy of my Information Sheet which will form the basis of our contract.

If we are working on-line I will send you a Contract by e-mail early in our exchanges which will set out:

  • the length of time I can provide to read/write each email exchange
  • the length of time between each email and my reply
  • the number of exchange of e-mails before we review progress
  • what the arrangements are if there is a breakdown of either of our computers, how and if alternative contact is to be made
  • Any times that I will be away during the contracted period
  • How we can end the contract
  • The cost and how payment is to be made.

For face to face my fee is £45 per hour session. This can be paid by cash or cheque.

For online counselling my fee is £45 per hour spent on emails, this usually works out at £22.50 per email. Skype sessions are at £50 per hour. Payments can either be sent directly to me by cheque, or online through Paypal, for credit cards using their secure server site.

I am covered by professional indemnity insurance.

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