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People come to counselling for many reasons: they my have suffered a bereavement; there could be problems at work and/or at home which are creating too much stress; they could be suffering problems with relationships - past or present; they could be or have suffered violence or abuse. It could be a combination of these that has led to stress building up. It could be a vague uneasiness or a lack of direction in life.

Counselling offers an opportunity to explore difficulties and confusions with someone who is able to stand aside from the strong emotions that are likely to be affecting you at this time. Two chairsThe aim is to help you to understand and, resolve or come to terms with, your feelings about past and/or present events. When it is an appropriate time for you, we can try to work out practical ways to make a difference and it can be an opportunity to look at options for the future and to find your own way to go forward more confidently.

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